Hyseni, Teuta


Employer: Microsoft

Security Engineer

Major, Degree:

Information Systems, BS


Business Administration


December 2011




What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

The best thing of being part of Bulldog was, and always will be, the professional enhancement that this organization gives and the preparation towards building a successful career path. I was lucky enough to be part of this organization that shaped me throughout expert criticisms and made a better “me”.  Bulldog is a company that is based on educational and professional enrichment in investing and business strategies combined together with managerial experience. The most important element in pursuing a successful academic career is to have a good business professional mentor who can closely guide you academically, and as a person as well. My experience with Bulldog broadened my thinking and undid my insular judgments that might be still ubiquitous in me.  

What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

Maybe Friday afternoon meetings after a hell week of exams.

If you were to talk to a about participating in Bulldog Investment Company, what would you say?

      Today’s economy is becoming more global, and the competition for a good job position continues to rise day by day. As the competition rises, it’s not enough just simply to be more competent than the person next to you, you have to be more competent than countless other people around the globe. To have a college degree is a critical step, but you can greatly improve your classroom learning by gaining real world experience through internships. In order to gain a good experience, and to expand your classroom learning, Bulldog Investment Company internships is the best tool to enhance your resume, get experience, and make important industry contacts that can be essential to get the ideal job after graduation. Bulldog Investment Company experience is a valued tool that will be handy when you will need it the most.


What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company have prepared you for the “real world” and How did it help you obtain a job?

During 2011, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be part of Bulldog Investment Company. The most valuable assets of Bulldog Investment Company are its own people, the team members that exhibit the organizational values, and promote a positive team environment. While there, I gain a lot of experience in Value Investing field.  My position there allowed me to explore different fields of Financial Analysis cycle especially analyzing companies per Buffett’s criteria. Starting from little exposure on preparing Financial Statements and researching for different project to presenting and competing as finial part of the project. In these projects I have worked and learned each and every day new things that I never learned before. The usage of different tools, translating financial outcomes and specifications into final decision, team collaboration and meeting the deadlines has been challenging and yet rewarding. It was really important for me to be able to take place in these projects, prepare them and lastly be able to present them in front of others. This experience makes huge difference on my future. Furthermore, the opportunities to meet different famous business leaders such as Mr. Jackman, the opportunity to attend Berkshire Hathaway shareholder annual meeting as well as meet countless other important people that may serve you as key professional connections in your near future.  I am very glad that I have had the chance to be part of this internship program and I hope to continue contribute and be part of this wonderful company in the future


If you had all the power in the world to change anything about Bulldog Investment Company—what would it be?

If I had power of the world I will help Bulldog Investment Company and make it the biggest student professional organization. Well, if I had just a little more power I will include this program to TLU Business Administration academic curriculum. I think this will greatly help students to enhance their business skills and be able to be the best on other’s eyes.


Extra comments:

Dave Sather, the President of Sather Financial Co. is also the sponsor for the internship program at Bulldog Investment Company. He is a great leader and a detailed guider that made this internship really beneficial. Throughout his hard work he placed young bright minds into important projects and gave the future work force a chance to experience the challenge of being responsible adults. This brilliant initiative made huge difference at TLU as university as well at young college students as potential business leaders.