Mkparu, Uzonna


Employer: LGYC Power

Energy Consultant

Graduate School:

Columbia University - MS Human Nutrition

Major, Degree:

Molecular Biology, BS


Chemistry, Business Administration


December 2010




What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

  1. Bulldog taught me how to research and analyze businesses for investment purposes.
  2. I learned how to decipher the story behind the numbers.
  3. I learned the key criteria that businesses ought to meet (as illustrated by Warren Buffett and other successful investors).
  4. I admired the emphasis on ethical and moral responsibility throughout the curriculum.
  5. I learned the importance of logical reasoning as opposed to emotional investing.
  6. In a nut shell, I learned the need for simplicity, predictability and responsibility in value investing.

What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

We did not get to execute the trades by ourselves. It would have been nice for the winning group to be able to execute the trade, under appropriate supervision, at least once a semester.

If you were to talk to a current student about why they should participate in Bulldog Investment Company, what would you say?

I would encourage participation in Bulldog because it is an experience that one can almost not gain anywhere else. It is an opportunity to learn value investing principles based on the teachings of some of the world's foremost value investors. It is an opportunity to learn how to analyze companies and make decisions on how to break into a market, including arbitrages and options trading. Finally, it is an opportunity to invest real dollars in the market and watch the investments grow.

What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company have prepared you for the “real world?”

Whether one intends to work on Wall St. or Main St., in a bank or in a laboratory, this internship teaches you first hand about the time value of money, opportunity cost and financial responsibility; lessons that are critical if one intends to grow one's wealth.

How did Bulldog Investment Company help you obtain a job?

In ways that I could only have dreamed and I am forever grateful.
If you had all the power in the world to change anything about Bulldog Investment Company—what would it be?

I think a field trip to the office in Victoria once a semester to execute a trade and learn in the Sather Financial Group, Inc. environment.