Ribari, Erblin


From: Kosovo

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH


Junior Advisor

Graduate School:

Quantitative Finance, MBA

Rochester Institute of Technology


Major in Finance, BBA, Minor in Economics

Texas Lutheran University

Graduation: May 2013
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/erblinribari


What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

 Bulldog Investment Company has helped me gain crucial skills that are needed in the business world. Team work, weekly meetings, monthly presentations, and speakers that inspired us to work harder and become aware of the opportunities the business world offers us. Through value investing, I was able to make long term decisions and reflect on such decisions later. As a general rule, we focused more on the quantitative aspects of the investments – researching the business, reflecting Buffett’s principles, and making wise decisions based on such measurements.


What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

 The involvement of TLU’s business department and their approach toward such an amazing opportunity for student – I would recommend business professors take an active role on urging their students to be part of Bulldog Investment Co, attend Bulldog Investment Co presentations and their influential business speakers.


Why should current students participate in Bulldog Investment Company?

 Academia teaches us the theory behind the business world. As such, there are some situations where we have observed a weak liaison between academic concepts and long-term investing. In order to be successful investors, students should be familiar with the real-world application of asset valuation, risk and investment concepts. This is the most promising path for successful investing in the long run given the issues they will face in the real world.


What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company prepared you for the "real world?"

 Being successful in the business world requires endurance. You are required to do the research, analyze the data and review the sources carefully in order to make a wise decision. Being part of the team that conducts monthly presentations requires leadership, communication, analytical and critical thinking skills that are required to be a successful businessman. Therefore, if you are efficient at the duties that are assigned to you, you are able to undergo the “real world” challenges.


How did Bulldog Investment Company help you obtain a job?

 Bulldog Investment Company has helped me connect with important people in the business field. Furthermore, I was able to establish a strong business background that enriched my resume and cover letter. Overall, Dave Sather urged us to work hard and be successful in life. He was always willing to write recommendation letters for us.


 If you had all the power in the world to change anything about Bulldog Investment Company-what would it be?

 I would encourage highly motivated students to get involved in such an amazing opportunity. Furthermore, BIC should be treated as a 3-4 credit hour course and requires lots of research and preparation. As such, students need to be prepared for the discussions and pay attention to such discussions. Therefore, the best ways to achieve a positive learning outcome would be accomplished by turning off electronic devices, computers and other distractors.