Kneitz, Lucas


Fredericksburg, TX
Majors, Degree:
Finance & Marketing, BBA
Graduation Date:
May 2013
Healthy Connections Home Care Services Inc.
Manager of Operations & Compliance
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What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?  

I have often been a student that goes through a course without really having to spend a lot of time outside of class studying to end up successful. However, Bulldog Investment Company was much different, especially for presentations, because I knew that if I wasn't prepared it would be noticed. This program doesn't only hold students accountable for their part in presentations, but is also fun and competitive. 

What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?  

One of the most frustrating things about Bulldog Investment Co is finding the motivation, or motivating one's team, in order to not have to scramble a presentation together at the last minute. Having a program that is as involved as Bulldog Investment Co is great as long as teams stay organized and work ahead. When this doesn't happen, especially at the end of the semester with finals looming, there is a lot of potential for additional stress. 

Why should current students participate in Bulldog Investment Company?

Because you can be fired if students don’t uphold their end of the commitment. Bulldog Investment Co holds interns accountable for familiarizing oneself with the value-investing methodology and then challenges teams to work together to apply it. Since interns can be excused from the program, though this doesn't really happen often, students can taste real world expectations. Bulldog Investment Co helped me to learn how to perform when I wasn't comfortable. This program was a great opportunity for me to begin to develop some presentation skills and experience. Bulldog Investment Co also has given me the confidence to do a little personal investing, which I have had success with.  There are also great opportunities to listen to, interact with, and question those within the business world that have already found success and have much wisdom and experience to share. 

What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company prepared you for the "real world?"

Besides being fired if you don’t do your work, Bulldog Investment Co allows students to apply their business knowledge, while challenging them to do so in a way that is understandable to all backgrounds. There is a winner and a loser in each presentation, which taught me that sometimes hard work leads to more hard work before the fruits of such labor can be tasted. 

How did Bulldog Investment Company help you obtain a job?

I am still looking for my first big boy job, however, I have referenced my experience with Bulldog Investment Company both on paper and within interviews. Some of my fellow interns have given me some insight and helped point me in a direction, and I plan on continuing on using this valuable network. 

If you had all the power in the world to change anything about Bulldog Investment Company-what would it be?

I don't feel that much should be changed about Bulldog Investment Company. Scheduling presentations so that they are evenly spaced throughout the semester would be ideal, but I know that isn't always possible with so many different schedules, breaks, and holidays.