Phillips, Tasha



tasha phillips

Hometown: Goliad, TX
Employer: PricewaterhouseCoopers
Title: Assurance Associate
Major, Degrees: Accounting, BBA, MA
Graduated: May 2017
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Favorite Warren Buffett Quote:

"It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you'll do things differently."


1.What did you like best about your time in BIC?

a.I really liked how BIC transformed into more of a portfolio management class rather than just solely a data analytics class.

b.I also liked the presentations. While they were extremely difficult to put together (in preparing for the material and dealing with your teammates), they really prepared me for EVERY other class I stepped foot in after that.

c.Also, you just made if fun. After the huge learning curve at the beginning (and after I learned to laugh at myself) I genuinely enjoyed coming to class because I knew we were going to laugh some and learn at the same time.

2.What did you like least about your time in BIC?

The thing I liked the least about BIC was the huge learning curve at the beginning. It made it difficult to stay engaged when you didn’t always know what was being discussed. But I think the one hour before the normal class for the newer students helped with that issue.

3.Why should current students participate in BIC?

a.I don’t know if these points would market to the current students, but I’m glad I joined because it taught me how to invest on my own once I left TLU. I know I learned things in other classes that I’ll take with me outside of TLU, but nothing that will impact my life as much as investing will.

b.Current students should join BIC if they want to get ahead in their classes and ahead of their classmates. BIC translated through all of my classes and I knew about some things before my classmates did. It also didn’t hurt that BIC kept me up to date on current events.

4.What aspects of BIC prepared you for the “real world?”

I think the “current events” section of BIC prepared me most for the real world. It wasn’t always numbers in BIC and when it wasn’t numbers there was a lot of good advice about things most of us don’t experience in college but will come in handy once we graduate.

5.How did BIC help you obtain a job?

I think the presentations actually played a huge part in preparing me for interviews because in a way the question section of our presentations was one long scary interview. Also I know for a fact, the knowledge I gained from analyzing financials played a huge role in getting me my internship in DC with the PCAOB because in my interview they mainly focused on what I did in BIC.

6.If you had all the power in the world to change anything about BIC what would it be?

I think BIC is already amazing as is, I just wish there were some end goals we could shoot for. I don’t really know what that would be, but I think it’d be cool to set goals and reach them by the time you