Von Berg, Eli


San Antonio, TX
Employer:  United States Navy
Rank: Cryptologic Technician Third Class
Graduate School

MBA candidate at the Univerity of Incarnate Word

with a concentration in asset management

Majors, Degrees: Management & Economics, BBA
Graduated: May 2015
Favorite Warren Buffett Quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."If you are in a poker game and after 20 minutes you don't know who the patsy is, then you're the patsy."

What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

The best part of the Bulldog Investment Company for me was the awareness of world events, both in the business world and in everyday life. Every meeting we would go over newsworthy events and do our best to think critically about the effect those events could have on the business world. We use this to try and avoid any risks associated with a business outside of their financial riskiness.

What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company? 

My least favorite part of Bulldog Investment Company was the week leading up to our presentations. We would end up reading all the time and adding little bits to the power point and tweeking and criticing all parts of our presentation, to the point where we would be exhausted. The presentations were a great part of the program because it taught us to present in a professional manner, speak in front of people, and think on our feet. There was a lot of preparation that went into the presentations, but it was worth it to put together a presentation that showed that we knew what we were talking about. 

Why should current students participate in Bulldog Investment Company? 

I would encourage any student with the opportunity to partipate in Bulldog Investment Company because it gives students the ability to use all the skills that they learn in business classes in a more realistic way. I learned things during my time with the program that helped me get ahead in the classes I was already taking. In fact, much of what I learned about valuing companies and analyzing a companies financial statements was more in depth on specific subjects than I was exposed to during most class assignments. The in depth skills learned paired with the ability to present in front of people should make it apparent that this is an opportunity that will help students develop into successful people.

What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company prepared you for the “real world?” 

The presentations in front of Mr. Sather and the board of executives was the most beneficial real world experience that I got out of this program. The entire program forces students to act as though they are in a real world scenario which includes working outside of designated times, keeping up with current events, and applying accountability for missed opportunities or mistakes made. The presentations were the most beneficial because they made all students work on the tasks mentioned earlier, and face criticism from knowledgable experts in the field of investing who are looking for mistakes and flaws in the presentation itself or the reasoning behind decisions. As students we needed to be able to stand up and take the criticism and figure out how to respond in an appropriate and constructive manner.