Kelley, Zachary


Hometown: McQueeny, TX
Employer:  Kelley Property Care, LLC
Title: Owner
Major: Finance
Graduation: Spring 2017
Favorite Warren Buffett Quote: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">“Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.”

What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

I liked the fact that the internship felt nothing like a class. Everyday I showed up feeling like I was in a meeting at work. In majority of the meetings, Dave (our mentor) made sure that everyone had their opinion expressed. I never felt like I was being lectured as if I were in a college class. I also very much appreciated the fact that the internship was an opportunity to make real mistakes while also experiencing the rewards of utilizing what we learned in the program. Because of Bulldog Investment Co., my presentation skills, critical thinking skills and overall effectiveness as a member of society have excelled far beyond what I could have wished for.

What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

Bulldog Investment Co. does take a certain level of focus and dedication to do well in the program. Furthermore, the program has grown into something that requires more effort from the students who participate in it. I believe that my least favorite part about being in the program was the first semester or two where I simply was not understanding what was going on. A lot of that came from the complexity of the program but also from the fact that there is no real "beginning" or "end" to the class - you really just come in to the program wherever the other interns are at and so it may be a little misleading to some newer interns. However, if you are reading this as a prospective student thinking about joining BIC, please do not let this mislead you - you WILL learn so very much from this program that you cannot get elsewhere. 

Why should current students participate in Bulldog Investment Company?

Current students should participate in Bulldog Investment Co. for many reasons. If you are a business student, you are required to take finance courses and while those courses are useful - they are very "by the textbook". Bulldog Investment Co. provides a different way of learning about finance and accounting, in a way that seems practical and realistic instead of theoretical. While the program prides itself in teaching students about the interpretation of financial statements, it is also a great way to improve presentation skills. When presenting to the Board of professional investors, members will be challenged with questions that require critical thinking and reasoning. 

What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company prepared you for the "real world"?

Several aspects from Bulldog Investment Co. prepared me for the "real world" because of the fact that it teaches you to research anything and everything before making decisions. This could be in the investment sense or even coming down to buying a house or car. Furthermore, the backbone of the program is based off of Warren Buffett's style of investing, which is value-investing. This type of investing requires that we buy investments at below-market prices (meaning a discount). Because we have this value-investing mindset hammered into us, I will always make mindful decisions of whatever I buy in life as I will always be thinking about opportunity costs.

How did Bulldog Investment Company help you obtain a job?

BIC has influenced me in so many ways that I can use in any profession I chose. Although I am running my own business now and didn't necessarily use BIC for a resume, I have been able to use it for many other aspects of professionalism; such as being able to answer questions that customers have with poise and thoughtful answers, while also being polite. Because of Dave and the rest of the team, I am forever grateful and have learned so much through them. 

If you had all the power in the world, how would you change the program?

If I had all the power in the world to change Bulldog Investment Co. I would have wished for more presentations made in front of the school or even at other schools. I know that there was T.I.P.S when I was in my first year of BIC but we never did that competition again (primarily because of lack of commitment) but I wish that I could have participated in that before I graduated.