Martin, Katie

Katie Martin


From: Seguin, TX
Employer: Alamo Group
Title: Tax Analyst
Majors: Accounting & Economics
Expected Graduation: Spring 2018



What did you like best about your time in BIC?

I loved the atmosphere of the people. Everyone is welcome and all members are welcoming. It is definitely a place you can be yourself, have fun, and learn a ton in a short period of time. It is challenging and comes with a lot of hard work, which adds to the value of being a member; if it was easy and didn’t take a lot of effort, everyone would be in it.


What did you like least about your time in BIC?

The fact that it was on Friday afternoons! Timing wasn’t ideal, but it is a small sacrifice considering the amount you learn! There were some instances, however, where it felt like material was covered too quickly, and that was mainly because of how steep the learning curve is. Therefore, there is a downside to the learning curve, which is the fact that some students may lose interest quickly if they feel overwhelmed, causing a loss in membership.


Why should current students participate in BIC?

Current students should participate in BIC because the material you learn is informative and useful when it comes to investing, or just being prepared for life. Real world problems are addressed, companies’ financial statements are analyzed, and well-known, impactful speakers are brought to our campus. These opportunities are not offered at every other university. It is unique to TLU and that in itself is something worth being a part of.


What aspects of BIC prepared you for the “real” world?

The deadlines in BIC are no joke, which is very similar to deadlines for projects and assignments in a job. It’s understood by all students in BIC that when something is assigned and you are given a due date, you need to have your material ready to present by that date. To have that sense of responsibility for your work in this organization is great practice for the “real world” where deadlines are just as serious.


How did BIC help you obtain a job?

During my time in BIC, I was in the process of interviewing for various jobs pertaining to my major of accounting. When my potential employers saw ‘Bulldog Investment Company’ under my list of activities they were extremely interested in what the organization was. Therefore, BIC was a great conversation starter in not only interviews, but also important firm dinners. Since it is something so unique to TLU, it definitely set me apart from other individuals