McCloskey, Anna




Hometown: Schertz, TX
Major: Accounting
Expected Graduation: Spring 2019
Favorite Warren Buffett Quote: Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken





What did you like most about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

I liked going to class, it was fun but also informative.

What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

 I disliked presentations, but they helped with my presentation skills.

Why should current students participate in the program?

Current students should participate because they get a useful education in equity securities at no extra cost to them. Also they get to play with real money.

What aspects of Bulldog Investment Company prepared you for the "real world"?

The deadlines and attendance policy.

If you had all the power in the world, what would you change about the program?

 No more contracts. Those who truly wish to learn will show up. Dave can still kick out people who don't.