1. Warren Buffett & the Interpretation of Financial Statements | By: Mary Buffett & David Clark
    2. Berkshire Hathaway Annual Reports
    3. Buffettology | By Mary Buffett & David Clark
    4. The New Buffettology | By: Mary Buffett & David Clark
    5. The Five Rules for Successful Stock Investing | By: Pat Dorsey
    6. The Little Book that Builds Wealth | By: Pat Dorsey
    7. The Intelligent Investor | By: Benjamin Graham
    8. The Warren Buffett Portfolio | By: Robert Hagstrom
    9. The Manual of Ideas | By: John Mihaljevic*
    10. The Outsiders | By: William Thorndike
    11. The Millionaire Mind | By: Thomas Stanley
    12. The Millionaire Next Door | By: Thomas Stanley
    13. Oaktree Memos
    14. The Little Book of Value Investing | By: Christopher Browne
    15. The Most Important Thing | By: Howard Marks
    16. Charlie Munger: The Complete Investor | By: Tren Griffin
    17. The Investment Checklist | By: Michael Shearn
    18. The Little Book That Still Beats the Market | By: Joel Greenblatt
    19. The Education of a Value Investor | By: Guy Spier

 *The BIC interns were generously given a free copy of The Manual of Ideas directly from one of the co-authors, John Mihaljevic. See below his cover letter to the interns.

Mihaljevic Cover Letter to Interns