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Fran├žois Rochon: "The Art of Investing: Analyzing Numbers and Going Beyond"
Zeke Ashton @ Texas Lutheran University
Wally Weitz @ Texas Lutheran University
Pat Dorsey @ Texas Lutheran University
Michael Shearn @ Texas Lutheran University
Marvin Rush @ Texas Lutheran University
Ed Lette @ Texas Lutheran University
Arnold Van Den Berg @ Texas Lutheran University
Al Silva @ Texas Lutheran University
Aswath Domodaran - Valuation - Talks at Google
Dave Sather - Benefit from Studying Warren Buffett - Manual of Ideas
Dave Sather - Knowing When to Sell - Manual of Ideas
David Winters - Market Mania - WealthTrack
David Winters - WealthTrack
Donald Yacktman - Viewing Stocks as Bonds - Talks at Google
Donald Yacktman - A Great Investor Turns More Conservative - WealthTrack
Donald Yacktman - WealthTrack
Donald Yacktman @ Texas Lutheran University
Guy Spier - Education of a Value Investor - Talks at Google
Howard Marks - The Most Important Thing - Talks at Google
Jeremy Grantham - Wealthtrack
John Heins & Whitney Tilson - The Art of Value Investing - Talks at Google
John Mihaljevic - Idea Generation Demystified - Talks at Google
Larry Cunningham - Berkshire Beyond Buffett - Talks at Google
Mebane Faber - Global Stock Valuation - Talks at Google
Michael Mauboussin - Untangling Skill & Luck - Talks at Google
Mohnish Pabrai - Dhando - Talks at Google
Pat Dorsey - The Little Book that Builds Wealth - Talks at Google
Pat Dorsey - Value Conferences
Sanjay Bakshi - The Prejudices of Mr. Market - Talks at Google
Tobias Carlisle - Deep Value Investing - Talks at Google
Tom Gayner - Evolution of a Value Investor - Talks at Google
Tom Russo - Capacity to Suffer - Talks at Google
Tom Russo - Long Term Value - WealthTrack
Wally Weitz - Valuable Losses - WealthTrack
Warren Buffett - University of Georgia
Warren Buffett - University of Florida
William Thorndike - The Outsiders - Talks at Google