What goes into student presentations

Presentations—at a MINIMUM, what must you show?

1. What responsibility does each person have within the team? CEO, Finance, Marketing, Current News/Events?

2. What does the company do?

3. Do you understand the company?

4. What is the companies sustained competitive advantage/moat?

5. Is the company predictable?

6. Is past performance indicative of the future- do you expect the future growth of the company to be better, worse, or the same, and why?

7. Does the company meet Warren Buffett’s minimum criteria?

A. Buffettology Spreadsheet

B. Interpretation of Financial Statements

8. Demonstrate that if this investment is made that you are receiving a Margin of Safety T

A. Conscious Investor Reports (Default, Safety, Kill It, Kill It Again)

B. GuruFocus (Insider activity, Guru activity, Discounted Cash Flow analysis)

9. Other Resources

A. Articles

B. 10k

C. ValueLine

10. Opportunity Cost—if we make this investment how can you show that it is reasonably better than all other choices?

11. P/E/10 year EBITDA growth comparison of their firm and the portfolio ?

12. Price to Free Cash Flow ?

Price to Sales

Price to Book Value

13. Operations—are you recommending a:

A. Market Order

B. Limit Order

C. Put Option with a Market Order

D. Put Option with a Limit Order

14. Board of Directors--Is in place to assist!

15. Time Limit: 45 minutes

16. Full presentation saved electronically in one file