What did you like best about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

"Bulldog Investment Company allowed me to figure out what I want to do with my life. I was given the opportunity to speak with many different people about their experiences throughout life and learn so much from everyone. There are so many different functions, meetings, trades, people, etc., thrown at the interns that there is never a time that I was not learning something and shaping the way I thought about my future and myself."  

-April Estes

"Too many things to mention.  I went to two Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meetings, met executives from large public and private corporations, drove Marvin Rush's Rolls Royce, learned more in this program than I would have ever imagined, built a network that I could call anytime of the day, and finally got to spend my Friday afternoons for the last three and a half years of my college career surrounded by a group of smart, hardworking individuals which made me a better person."

 -Philip Bauch

“What I liked best is that Bulldog made the complicated subject of picking stocks seem pretty easy.  I still don't know why the average investor tries to make everything so complicated--but I know I certainly won't be doing that.  Bulldog also gave me great respect for Warren Buffett and showed me that he isn't just another really rich guy.”

-Cody Foil

“I liked how much confidence I gained in knowing what I was talking about regarding financial ratios/analysis and in presenting to a board of directors. I really felt much more informed and empowered after about a month of being in Bulldog Investment Co.”

-Emily Toensing

“Bulldog Investment Company has helped me gain crucial skills that are needed in the business world. Team work, weekly meetings, monthly presentations, and speakers that inspired us to work harder and become aware of the opportunities the business world offers us. Through value investing, I was able to make long term decisions and reflect on such decisions later. As a general rule, we focused more on the quantitative aspects of the investments – researching the business, reflecting Buffett’s principles, and making wise decisions based on such measurements.”

-Erblin Ribari

“The best thing about Bulldog Investment Co is it is a fun laid back atmosphere, (as long as you work hard) that applies to the real world. This is the only class I was in where 100% of the material is useful in the real world and it will improve your quality of life.”

-Kevin Haugen

“I have often been a student that goes through a course without really having to spend a lot of time outside of class studying to end up successful. However, Bulldog Investment Company was much different, especially for presentations, because I knew that if I wasn't prepared it would be noticed. This program doesn't only hold students accountable for their part in presentations, but is also fun and competitive.” 

-Lucas Kneitz

“I am a relatively competitive person. But in college, rarely did I participate in directly in competitive organizations or events. My favorite part about Bulldog Investment Co. was finally presenting a company after weeks of research, assembling slides, practicing with the team, and then being declared the “winning” team by the Board of Directors.

 In addition, I was pleased to see some of my initiatives positively impacted the group as a whole. For example, I started integrating all presentation materials into the slideshow (such as Conscious Investor screenshots, formatted Excel tables) which helped improve the flow, instead of having to click on multiple files during the presentations. As a result, the other teams began integrating all of their content into the slides, and the overall quality of the presentations improved significantly.”

-Nate Raschke

“The fact that I can quickly analyze some key financial ratios for a company and gain an understanding if it’s a good investment or not is pretty useful. I don't believe any business class I took gave me near comparable knowledge or experience as did Bulldog Investment Company.

“Plus, we were treated us as adults and employees. All in all, the experience was as if we were coming to work every Friday between 2 – 4 pm, minus the suits.”

-Ryan Griffiths

“I was always up-to-date on current events, and events with major companies and political movements.
We made a lot of connections with professional people (CEO’s, CFO’s, money managers) that most students would not normally have the chance to meet. We spent a lot of time discussing the differences between the "academic world" and the "real world" which prepared us for what to expect after graduation. We also learned how to work smarter instead of harder and use our resources to help budget time.

-Andrew Kopecki, Founding Member

“I feel like I learned more in the year I was in Bulldog than I could have learned in two or more years in the class room. When you look at smart investing and begin to understand how to research and look for companies that are consistently performing well, you start to notice patterns that can assist you in making smart investment choices. The presentations were grueling and really motivated and drove you to doing better on the next one, making sure that you did enough research in picking the companies that you were sure would be a great addition to Bulldog’s portfolio. “Trial by fire” is a method that can be taxing, but the benefits and rewards can be reaped in such a small period of time, and there’s no substitute for experience. When you get the opportunity to get your hands dirty, you can learn so much more.”

-Kaleb Schmidt

“It's "real world experience." You're making the final decisions of how to invest the funds as student members.”

-Mark Moellering

“Mostly I liked doing research for the companies we wanted to present and learn during that process while working with others.”

-Tina Ferati

“I would say the people were the best part. Everyone there was there to learn, and act in a more "grown-up" way.  The readings and discussions that followed were always interesting and full of valuable information, not just on the topic, but how to analyze an article and figure out what is really being said.  Having Dave to bounce questions and ideas off of was a plus as well, not just on investments.  Dave’s interest in the student's lives is awesome, as it helps bring the group together as a whole.   

I learned so much during the fun time I spent helping start and run Bulldog for the first 2 years, but the highlights would include: how to be a conservative value investor by studying facts and not fluff, how to be a better presenter and how to handle questions from an audience, as well as making friends and connections I can rely on throughout my life.”

-Chris Gohmert, Founding Member

“Honestly I liked most of the things in Bulldog--there is little I would change. I learned a lot and I wish everyone would see it that way, instead of just having a credit in their records."

-Drilona Aliu

“The best thing of being part of Bulldog was, and always will be, the professional enhancement that this organization gives and the preparation towards building a successful career path. I was lucky enough to be part of this organization that shaped me throughout expert criticisms and made a better “me”.  Bulldog is a company that is based on educational and professional enrichment in investing and business strategies combined together with managerial experience. The most important element in pursuing a successful academic career is to have a good business professional mentor who can closely guide you academically, and as a person as well. My experience with Bulldog broadened my thinking and undid my insular judgments that might be still ubiquitous in me.”

-Teuta Hyseni

“One of the things I like most about Bulldog is that it brings together a group of people with similar interests who want to learn. We are all there because we want to learn more about the stock market, investing and valuing businesses. Before I became involved with Bulldog, it was hard to find a non-self-interested resource to provide quality knowledge on these topics. The people are what make Bulldog interesting and successful. Even if I hadn't developed an understanding of how to value a business, my time would have still been well spent with Bulldog just because of all the enthusiastic, fun, great people I got to spend time with and the friendships that were created.”

-Jon Zahradka  

  1. Bulldog taught me how to research and analyze businesses for investment purposes.
  2. I learned how to decipher the story behind the numbers.
  3. I learned the key criteria that businesses ought to meet (as illustrated by Warren Buffett and other successful investors).
  4. I admired the emphasis on ethical and moral responsibility throughout the curriculum.
  5. I learned the importance of logical reasoning as opposed to emotional investing.
  6. In a nut shell, I learned the need for simplicity, predictability and responsibility in value investing.

-Uzonna Mkparu