What did you like least about your time in Bulldog Investment Company?

"During my time in BIC, watching 20-30 minute videos was my least favorite. Although these videos often contained valuable lessons or strategies, I felt that they could have significantly shortened while still conveying the same knowledge. I would have much rather spent more time on interpreting financial statements or discussing option strategies or other valuable analysis information."

-Jacob Bravo

"Honestly, I loved being in Bulldog Investment Company. The thing I liked least was not being able to take advantage of every opportunity handed to the interns."

-April Estes

"There really is nothing I didn't like about BIC.  If I had to pick one thing it would probably be learning more about the "sell" process.  In BIC, it was always about the buy and hold strategy, but we rarely went over the sell process, and executed a sell trade.  Trying to get group consensus on a sell opportunity could have been part of the problem as well."

-Philip Bauch

 “What I didn't always like about Bulldog is that occasionally we did things that seemed to go outside the scope of traditional value investing. Some people had their favorite company that they always wanted, or we were asked to make decisions on short notice. I would have like to have more time to research these ideas.”

-Cody Foil

“I was always nervous about presentations. That’s what I liked least. But that is what gave me the most knowledge. Also Friday afternoons we not my favorite--but it is totally worth being there every single meeting. I miss it already.” 

-Emily Toensing

 “The involvement of TLU’s business department and their approach toward such an amazing opportunity for student – I would recommend business professors take an active role on urging their students to be part of Bulldog Investment Co, attend Bulldog Investment Co presentations and their influential business speakers.”

-Erblin Ribari

“The only thing that I didn't like or frustrated me in Bulldog Investment Co was one or two semesters we had a presentation around finals time.”

-Kevin Haugen

One of the most frustrating things about Bulldog Investment Co is finding the motivation, or motivating one's team, in order to not have to scramble a presentation together at the last minute. Having a program that is as involved as Bulldog Investment Co is great as long as teams stay organized and work ahead. When this doesn't happen, especially at the end of the semester with finals looming, there is a lot of potential for additional stress. 

-Lucas Kneitz

“Anyone that joins Bulldog Investment Co. needs to acknowledge that there is a steep learning curve. But for me, there were some frustrating classes where we would jump right into current events; which is fine for the sake of trying to stay informed and up to date, but as a student prospective, more focus on investment principles early in the class would be helpful, especially if they were a primer to those current events to be discussed.

Often times, we would listen to interviews, which is a great way to receive insight from some brilliant minds. But when we turn the lights off and the interviews are 10 plus minutes in length I don’t care how much caffeine you’ve had- on a Friday afternoon, most college students will start to check out or even doze off. I would recommend leaving the lights on, and or making the interviews more interactive, and pause multiple times, quizzing the interns to make sure everyone is paying attention, instead of a cumulative recap at the end.

-Nate Raschke

“The timing of the class was a bit off for college kids. It may be difficult for college kids to gain the desire to want to attend anything on a Friday afternoon. Of course, in the real world, you would still be at work during this time. Once I accepted the sessions being on a Friday, it was much easier.”

-Ryan Griffiths

“The only frustrating thing was if a team decided to present a company to invest in a second or third time and we reviewed the same information again as if we hadn't already established that they are a good investment. I'm not sure how that would be avoided as it would encourage students to pick companies that are already in the portfolio if they didn't have to go through that part of the research.”

-Andrew Kopecki, Founding Member

“The work in Bulldog is fulfilling, but don’t be fooled into thinking it will be a cakewalk. The research can and will take a lot of time, and the presentations demand time and practice in order to be executed well. If you already have a full plate, it can be demanding.”

-Kaleb Schmidt

“Of course as busy as college life is, just dedicating the extra time to go to the meetings and do the research is really the only downside.”

-Mark Moellering

“The Friday meetings were the part I liked least, or disliked most... whichever.  I know people have difficult schedules, but this was the hard part for me with trying to manage things at home.”

-Chris Gohmert, Founding Member

“Maybe Friday afternoon meetings after a hell week of exams.”

-Teuta Hyseni

“The thing I liked least about Bulldog were Dave Sather's email blasts. I wasn't used to getting so many emails on various value investing topics. Now I realize that email is actually important in the world of work, it's not just to find out what the latest Groupon deal is. Seriously though, because of Bulldog Investment Company, and Dave, I have learned how important it is to return emails in a timely manner. I have heard, on several occasions, people complement Dave on how quickly he replies to emails. Although I am not quite up to Dave's speed, and it is something I can work on, through Bulldog I learned how appreciative people are when you reply to their emails in a timely manner. Bulldog taught me many simple things such as that, which can really help a college graduate stand out in the business world.”

-Jon Zahradka

“We did not get to execute the trades by ourselves. It would have been nice for the winning group to be able to execute the trade, under appropriate supervision, at least once a semester.”

-Uzonna Mkparu