Why should current students participate in Bulldog Investment Company?

"Current students should participate in BIC because it is a life augmenting experience. BIC can be challenging, stressful, frustrating, and confusing. However, it is highly rewarding because of all of the difficulties the program entails. When you finally begin to understand the language of financial statements, opportunity cost, and have the courage to present your findings in front of a board of industry professionals, it is extremely satisfying."


-Jacob Bravo

"Bulldog Investment Company will teach you about portfolio management, financial analysis, and the importance of paying attention to the news and what is going on in your city, state, country and the world. Whether you are a biologist or part of the finance industry, at some time you will probably have money you want to invest. Having an idea of the best way to do that will allow you to be knowledgably whether you use a financial advisor or do it on your own. Bulldog Investment Company also allows you to meet a bunch of interesting people and will learn a set of analytical skills that you cannot get anywhere else."

-April Estes

"The first reason why I believe students should participate in BIC is it's an instant business networking group. It is not only students and a professor.  You are meeting new business owners at least once a semester, and you are taught once a week by a business owner who has many connections.  Additionally, Dave shows he cares about each individual and their future plans."

-Philip Bauch

 “I think that current students should join Bulldog because it's not just about picking stocks and investing. Even if you don't have an interest in investing, Bulldog teaches communication skills and critical thinking skills that you can't find in a textbook.  And messing up here (which will happen) is a lot more forgiving than messing up in the real world.”

-Cody Foil

“Current students should participate because you will learn much more here than in any one class. It is real money gained, and real money lost, and there is no better motivation. Not only does it look good on a resume, it gives you a leg up over your competition when looking for a job.”

-Emily Toensing

 “Academia teaches us the theory behind the business world. As such, there are some situations where we have observed a weak liaison between academic concepts and long-term investing. In order to be successful investors, students should be familiar with the real-world application of asset valuation, risk and investment concepts. This is the most promising path for successful investing in the long run given the issues they will face in the real world.”

-Erblin Ribari

“Current students from any major that has an interest in the stock market should join Bulldog Investment Co. Bulldog Investment Co. teaches students how to look for great businesses, figure out their intrinsic value, and determine if it is a good long term investment. This knowledge is important for any one, not just financial professionals, because you will be able to look at any company you work for and determine how financially stable your employer is.”

-Kevin Haugen

“Because you can be fired if students don’t uphold their end of the commitment. Bulldog Investment Co holds interns accountable for familiarizing oneself with the value-investing methodology and then challenges teams to work together to apply it. Since interns can be excused from the program, though this doesn't really happen often, students can taste real world expectations. Bulldog Investment Co helped me to learn how to perform when I wasn't comfortable. This program was a great opportunity for me to begin to develop some presentation skills and experience. Bulldog Investment Co also has given me the confidence to do a little personal investing, which I have had success with.  There are also great opportunities to listen to, interact with, and question those within the business world that have already found success and have much wisdom and experience to share.”

-Lucas Kneitz

“Bulldog Investment Co. not only hones in on analytical skills and critical thinking, but the program also serves as a bridge of theoretical knowledge gained from classroom exposure to practical knowledge that can be used in the real world. Anyone that wants to invest in their future (pun intended) should participate in Bulldog Investment Company to supplement their college career, regardless of their major.”

-Nate Raschke

“The skills you learn in Bulldog Investment Company are extremely useful, especially in the current economy. My generation won't have much of a social security benefit waiting for us; being able gain a better understanding of investments, even an understanding of a 401K and how important it is to jump into this area as early as possible is explained throughout a student's experience in Bulldog Investment Co. Not many students in this country have such a privilege.”

-Ryan Griffiths

“It's a great way to see how money is managed in the real world instead of in an academic environment while making connections with business leaders. It’s a great way to increase presentation and research skills and beef up a resume.”

-Andrew Kopecki, Founding Member  

“If you’re really interested in business – whether it be economics, finance, marketing, accounting, etc. – I would highly recommend giving Bulldog a try. This internship gives you an opportunity to examine the events that are taking place in the real world and how they are affecting multiple facets of businesses and the overall economy. When you get to see exactly what it is that is causing the success and/or failure of a company, you begin to understand more about how changes in the variables of that company have an impact on their short-term and long-term success, their ability to attract certain markets and develop a brand image(s), and their sustainability. Bulldog offers the opportunity not just to teach you about ratios and variables, but how to examine events and occurrences in the real world and recognize patterns that will lead to better and more successful business decisions.”

-Kaleb Schmidt

“It's like taking a FREE class at TLU. You learn just as much (and in some cases more) in Bulldog than you do in paid classes at TLU. A lot of the topics we covered in Bulldog aren't covered in any other classes.”

-Mark Moellering

“I think it’s beneficial for any student to participate in such an internship as Bulldog Investment Company.  You learn a lot about different matters; you definitely become aware and learn a lot about what is going on in the world economically and financially, and above all you get a good eye on identifying good companies from bad ones, which is a useful skill no matter what major you are in. Putting your energy in this internship is worthwhile and pays off in your future endeavors. You will be more prepared and more knowledgeable when going into the real world.”

-Tina Ferati

“I would say jump in it.  Dave is a wonderful teacher (instructor, supervisor, whatever...), and always brings up interesting details and turns them into discussions. The real-life feeling is very good.  It helps when you have real money, and can see real gains and losses on a portfolio.  It isn't just some simulation like the Policy capstone class... it is a real-world setting with real-world results and consequences.  Dave is good about letting you get your ideas out, then pointing out potential issues with your stock idea based on numbers and current events.”

-Chris Gohmert, Founding Member

“Today’s economy is becoming more global, and the competition for a good job position continues to rise day by day. As the competition rises, it’s not enough just simply to be more competent than the person next to you, you have to be more competent than countless other people around the globe. To have a college degree is a critical step, but you can greatly improve your classroom learning by gaining real world experience through internships. In order to gain a good experience, and to expand your classroom learning, Bulldog Investment Company internships is the best tool to enhance your resume, get experience, and make important industry contacts that can be essential to get the ideal job after graduation. Bulldog Investment Company experience is a valued tool that will be handy when you will need it the most.”

-Teuta Hyseni

“Bulldog will greatly add to your educational experience at TLU and provide you with knowledge that will be useful to you even after you graduate. Bulldog gives you the basic tools you need to look at a business and determine if that business is "good" or "bad" and you can apply this standard no matter what field or industry you enter into when you leave TLU. Being able to delve into financial statements and know what you are looking for is an extremely useful skill. The principles I learned in Bulldog can be applied equally by a bank lender trying to figure out if he should approve a loan for a business, an accountant who needs to piece together financial statements, a small business owner trying to run a better business, or in one's personal life, when trying to invest for retirement or abstaining from the use of debt. Bulldog is not a simulation. It is a real world exercise, using real money with real consequences and real achievements. I would tell a current student that they have a chance to be a part of something special and take advantage of an opportunity that is not usually presented to undergraduate students. It's a great way to meet amazing people, a great line to have on your resume, and I guarantee, in some way, it will continue to benefit you even after you have graduated from college.”

-Jon Zahradka

“I would encourage participation in Bulldog because it is an experience that one can almost not gain anywhere else. It is an opportunity to learn value investing principles based on the teachings of some of the world's foremost value investors. It is an opportunity to learn how to analyze companies and make decisions on how to break into a market, including arbitrages and options trading. Finally, it is an opportunity to invest real dollars in the market and watch the investments grow.”

-Uzonna Mkparu