How did Bulldog Investment Company help you obtain a job?

"BIC not only provided me with many professional skills, such as writing emails, thank you letters, and professional speaking, it provided me with knowledge that will be beneficial in any company. This knowledge is the ability to read and interpret financial statements."

-Jacob Bravo

"Bulldog Investment Company gave me the opportunity to meet a number of people. Dave believes in us so much that he is never afraid to invite money managers to our presentations. Many people do not realize how important networking is, and Bulldog Investment Company not only gave me a great set of skills that I get to flaunt at interviews, but it gave me many people to contact who are more than willing to talk to me about the financial services industry. "

-April Estes

"Considering I am in the audit practice now, I don't think BIC helped me obtain a job directly in audit.  Although not directly getting me a job, the ability to understand and think about a business is very useful in audit.  Basically, I am ahead of my peer group since I have seen how many businesses operate, and know how to think about planning an audit in regards to different businesses/industries."

-Philip Bauch

“Well, that's easy--if I had never joined Bulldog and met Dave, then I certainly wouldn't have the job that I have today. He introduced me to my current employer which led to a paid internship and ultimately permanent employment.”

-Cody Foil

Bulldog has helped me find a job in the financial world because I have experience in analysis and presentation. Not everyone has that.

-Emily Toensing

“Bulldog Investment Company has helped me connect with important people in the business field. Furthermore, I was able to establish a strong business background that enriched my resume and cover letter. Overall, Dave Sather urged us to work hard and be successful in life. He was always willing to write recommendation letters for us.”

-Erblin Ribari

“I had a job before joining Bulldog Investment Co, but it is one of the best things you can have on your resume. Future employers will see that you work hard outside of school in something that teaches life skills.”

-Kevin Haugen

“I am still looking for my first big boy job, however, I have referenced my experience with Bulldog Investment Company both on paper and within interviews. Some of my fellow interns have given me some insight and helped point me in a direction, and I plan on continuing on using this valuable network.”

-Lucas Kneitz

“I am now a Financial Analyst for Sather Financial Group, Bulldog Investment Co.'s sponsor. So in my case, I didn’t really need a resume- my performance, discipline, organization, and leadership in Bulldog Investment Co. had about as direct an impact as one could have.”

-Nate Raschke

“Bulldog Investment Co. kept me on my toes in terms of professionalism. My presentation skills have grown tremendously and my ability to communicate under pressure has been a big plus.”

-Ryan Griffiths

“I am currently working for Silicon Valley Bank and during the interview process – when I explained to them exactly what Bulldog is and what it is that we do – they were blown away that we were so heavily involved in such detailed investment processes and research, and that we had real skin in the game in the form of real money in our portfolio. It definitely gave me a leg up on my competition.”

-Kaleb Schmidt

“Bulldog gives you a small platform to enter the workforce on. You're coming out of college with relevant experience under your belt that can be applied to more than just the equity investing aspect of businesses.”

-Mark Moellering

“During Bulldog, I became more comfortable presenting myself and communicating more freely during presentations. In addition, I learned a lot more about the business world. There is no doubt that having this internship experience on my resume, as a Computer Science major, impressed the interviewers during my job interviews and gave me a better chance to obtain my job. I'm sure not many other applicants had such a great internship experience.”

-Tina Ferati

“I didn't really use it to gain a job in a professional sense...  But, the knowledge of how to value stocks and how the stock market works has paid off well for my personal portfolio.  I have been investing some of my savings, and am happy to say I have some fantastic investments all thanks to Dave and his knowledge.”

-Chris Gohmert, Founding Member

“I was fortunate enough to get a job with Sather Financial Group, which sponsors the Bulldog Investment Company program. So Bulldog directly transitioned into a job for me. Although my entrance into the world of professional investment management is probably the exception, rather than the rule among Bulldog interns, my participation gave me a competitive advantage among other college graduates that I sincerely believe would have helped me in obtaining a job in a variety of fields, had I chosen to do so.”

-Jon Zahradka

“In ways that I could only have dreamed and I am forever grateful."

-Uzonna Mkparu