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Guest Speakers

Arnold Van Den Berg

Learning from the Holocaust-

The Journey to Survive, Forgive and Motivate 


Mike Zapata

How I Got to Where I Am

March 2019

Brian Bares

Finding an Edge

April 2018

Peter J. Holt


October 6, 2017

Brian Yacktman

Investments & Portfolio Management

March 24, 2017

Amy Simmons

It's Not Just a Scoop of Ice Cream

October 11, 2016

Harvey Najim

Make Money, Give Back

April 5, 2016

Wally Weitz

The Value Investment Model

October 30, 2015

Pat Dorsey

Investment Strategies

April 7, 2015

Zeke Ashton

Basics of Value Investing

October 30, 2014

Al Silva

American Success Story

March 28, 2014

Michael Shearn

The Investment Checklist

October 17, 2013

Marvin Rush

School of Hard Knocks

April 19, 2013

Arnold Van Den Berg

Investment Strategies

September 21, 2012

Ed Lette

Our Business Bank Model

March 25, 2012

Don Yacktman

Investments, Values, & Ethics

November 2011