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Updated-BIC-Application (pdf)



Although most people assume Bulldog is only for business majors, it is not. 

The intern program has had several non-business majors successfully participate. 

The one thing they must possess is a desire to work hard and participate. 


At a minimum, students are required to commit at least two consecutive semesters. 

That said, most students participating in BIC do so for longer than one year. The best students stay in the program as long as possible since the learning curve is so steep. So far, the longest-tenured  student intern served three and a half years.

Students must stay in good standing with the university. 

Additionally, student interns must attend class and show a true desire to learn about business, financial analysis and investing.  


Bulldog meets every Friday from 1:30 P.M. to about 3:30 P.M in Tschoepe  Hall, Room 131.  

Student will have additional work assignments in-between meetings. 


Student can participate in either a non-credit or for-credit manner. 

If enrolling for credit, the student must enroll in either BA  419, BA 429 or BA 439, depending on whether they are requesting one, two  or three hours of credit. If a student wants credit, they must coordinate with their advisor and submit necessary papers on what they have learned.